Artificial Intelligence for Today’s Dealership

Imagine an assistant that watches and reacts to every activity that occurs in your business. Every time something is done wrong, the assistant jumps up and says, “You did that wrong; you should have done it this way.” How about an assistant that watches for things you care about and takes the appropriate action when they occur? For example, a drum that the manufacturer has guaranteed to last 100k pages just got changed at 30k. Your assistant automatically pings the tech and the parts manager and ensures you get a credit. A customer is upset because the tech just spilled toner and didn't clean up, your assistant alerts their manager within minutes.

And, your assistant doesn’t just focus on the negatives – when a customer says how much they LOVE your service, your assistant sends an automated email asking them to post on your Google Maps or Yelp page.

As manufacturers make data from devices available we can use "machine learning" to improve service performance. Imagine a tech gets assigned a call for a HP 4200 printer with an E100 error code and 40k clicks on the meter. Juice can ping the HP site, determine what parts are likely needed based on that model / meter / error code, check if that part was recently replaced, if not check if the tech has the part, if not ping the tech and parts manager to get the part before dispatching.

An assistant that never goes to sleep or takes a vacation but is there watching 24/7.

Today A.I. is really just a series of IFTTT (If This Then That) statements and it's obliviously only looking at digital data. Until we get machines that are smarter than us (Gary's a huge Ray Kurzweil fan and goes with his timeline for The Singularity) we humans are going to have to work out every rule, what should happen when this happens. That’s where CEO Juice comes in…

The Juice team has built a library of all the things we have ever found wrong in all the dealerships we have worked with. We then get ongoing feedback to determine the best practice to solve that problem. Today, Juice has about 1,000 different rules/ processes. Each has a unique number and we have categories (TAGS) for different areas. Worried about customers using too much toner, check out our TAG for that!

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